Dream heavy duty steel door DC 10B - Japan

  • Dream heavy duty steel door DC 10B - Japan
Product Dream heavy duty steel door DC 10B - Japan
Id Dream DC 10B
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Dream Japan heavy load doors are not only commonly used in large offices, automatic glass doors are becoming more and more familiar even in residential housing projects. With the advantage of bringing convenience, saving time, giving life more comfort and dynamism. Therefore, automatic glass doors are a reasonable choice for modern projects.

Features heavy duty Japanese Dream door DC 10A

Specifications, or controller DC 10A installed on DC 10B only differ in wing load, 150W motor.

Rolling wheels rolled steel design, suitable for super heavy wings.

The railless design on the floor is optimal for moving objects through doors or conveyor belts to move patients in the hospital.

Stable smooth operation, high performance without overheating or suspension of the system thanks to DC 24V 150W brushless motor perfect vibration Japan technology.

Multi-function of door opening and closing options: wired buttons, fully automatic, fully open, reversing when facing obstacles, motion sensors on both sides of the door.

The smart center processor controls input and output independently of the input and output terminals.

The rail system and cover design are optimized for periodic installation and maintenance.

There is no space between the two wings, suitable for high wind, dust and optimum noise.

All installation data is automatically recorded with intelligent controller, automatic programming technology.

Immediately reversing the engine with very small force, absolutely safe for users.

Easy to set up by using the buttons directly on the controller.

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