Automatic sliding gate JUNIOR 650 - FADINI YTALIA

  • Automatic sliding gate JUNIOR 650 - FADINI YTALIA
Product Automatic sliding gate JUNIOR 650 - FADINI YTALIA
Brand Fadini
Made in YTALIA
Guarantee 24 tháng
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Features standard automatic sliding gate JUNIOR 650 1200kgs

Made of die-cast aluminum and has a large casing that can accommodate all accessories.

Special steel copper shafts and gears, supported by bearings, are paired with steel and brass discs that provide torque control.

Extensive features are adapted from the outside to control the driving force to avoid being crushed.

Separate electronic control panel.

Three-phase version for 1200 kg operators.

In the event of a power failure, the electromechanical assembly is equipped with an emergency release device acting on the central shaft, and with a wrench, which can unlock the operator and operate the gate manually.

Photocell pairs for safety.

The light flashes to indicate port activity.

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