Automatic sliding gate Taiwan BOXER 300 - TMT Automation

  • Automatic sliding gate Taiwan BOXER 300 - TMT Automation
Product Automatic sliding gate Taiwan BOXER 300 - TMT Automation
Id BOXER 300
Brand TMT Automation
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Guarantee 12 THÁNG
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TMT Automation Inc. (Taiwan) is a reputable manufacturer of quality not only for the priority of installation choice in Taiwan but also in China or many European countries. The sliding gate, TMT Automation products, customers can be assured of the quality and competitive price, appreciate the durability as well as stability during operation. Taiwan automatic sliding gate BOXER 300 connected to access control devices: fingerprint, video bell, anti-theft camera or smart home control system.

Features automatic sliding Taiwan BOXER 300. Taiwan Automatic Sliding Gate BOXER 300 direct transmission of superhard steel mechanical gears running on fixed rail mounted directly on the gate for solid durability over time. Automatically reverse when encountering obstacles in the journey and soft stop two-way soft closing and opening ports. The intelligent microprocessor controller automatically recognizes newly-set parameters and connects to the access control device by current expansion devices.

Control mode open and close by wireless remote or wired button.

BOXER 300 is able to brake in both directions by mechanical brake.

When a power failure, can open the clutch (by key) to open the port easily.

In addition, automatically switches to the unit when the power grid automatically programmed.

Can be connected to remote control by radio waves.

Connect with safety devices such as warning lights, safety sensors, magnetic induction rings, or access control security devices: fingerprints, video bells, electric locks, control systems smart home.

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