Automatic rotation of Dream RDA Japan

  • Automatic rotation of Dream RDA Japan
Product Automatic rotation of Dream RDA Japan
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Automatic rotating and opening and closing doors are also called automatic eye doors. This is essentially a toughened glass door installed and using an electronic system and a heat sensor, when someone goes near the sensor, it will recognize and transmit signals to the processor. At this time, the controller will automatically open the door so that users can pass through. The door automatically closes if the signal recognition unit has no information. 3-wing 4-door revolving door Dream high aesthetics prevents inside and outside space, prevents air-conditioning system losses, reduces energy consumption, prevents dust perfect.

Feature of the opening door revolving 3 wings 4 wings Dream

RDA options 2 wings or three / four wings, optimal access to large commercial centers, high-rise buildings, 5-star hotel.

Perfect solution for separating inside and outside space, reducing air loss in air-conditioning system, reducing power consumption, preventing wind and dust, effectively preventing noise.

The eye of the sensor has a high movement speed, when someone comes near it automatically opens the door, and when there is no motion of the door stops in the normal position (widest), automatically switches to the power-saving standby mode Power and durability.

When it encounters an obstacle in the stroke it automatically stops, and after the obstacle is over, it will operate normally.

Absolutely safe when you move through the door.

Automatically opens and closes with 230Vac or 3-phase electric motor, high efficiency, large torque, smooth and not hot when opened and closed continuously

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