CORTECH CT-806SA - Korea semi-automatic sliding door

  • CORTECH CT-806SA - Korea semi-automatic sliding door
Product CORTECH CT-806SA - Korea semi-automatic sliding door
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Korean semi-automatic sliding door feature CORTECH CT-806SA is manually opened / closed automatically

. Railways are sliding like accu-rai

l. Smooth and safe operation such as low friction by precision machining such as tensioning wire, pâté and ash wheel, rail system

. Automatically close by driving system using tensioning wires and spiral springs

. Light type: sick room, classroom door, and rest room door

. Heavy: classroom doors, radiation-blocking doors in hospitals.

Principle of operating Korean semi-automatic sliding door CORTECH CT-806SA.

The semi-automatic door uses cotl system or pneumatic cylinder to help the door close automatically after the person passes, the semi-automatic door opens automatically in the direction of sliding to the left or right with the rail and the same roller of automatic but backwards. totally no use of electricity as well as factors related to automation. A perfect solution for interior doors with air-conditioners to minimize the amount of heat loss.

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