Automatic opening door CT-901 CORTECH - Korea

  • Automatic opening door CT-901 CORTECH - Korea
Product Automatic opening door CT-901 CORTECH - Korea
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CORTECH Korea open door brand CT-901

All sliding door products, semi-automatic production on modern closed technology lines. Always undergo safety testing before reaching users. Vietnam Ct 803 S / D series, CT 803E S / D, CT 803B popular installation. Application of airports, supermarkets, trade centers, corporate offices, business doors or specialized doors. Moreover, a number of key projects in Vietnam prioritize such as: 5-star train, some big hospitals in HCM, or supermarkets, shops and car salons.

CORTECH door opening feature Korea CT-901

.For maximum aperture, small installation space

. Reversing yourself when you encounter an obstacle in your journey

. Microprocessor controller micro computer

. 24V DC electric motor for high performance, large opening and closing force, almost no noise, gear reducer, motor encoder, integrated electric lock

. Simple installation is fastest, no need to reinforce much on the previous or new door system

. Direct mounting type

. Automatically record the new initial parameters of door installation, display system information and automatic error reporting

. SMPS automatic power adapter is always stable, even when the power is low.

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